Teach Me That My Music Does Matter

Teach Me Music Matters

I was in Jr. High when music was transformed from some sound into something amazing for me. Up until then, It was just the music my parents put on in the car when we went on trips. Luckily my parents had decent taste in music. So I got to hear a lot of the great classics. And for that I am thankful as well.

But in Jr. High music became something personal to me. Probably in big part to the fact that I started playing it. But it just kept growing in me. By ninth grade it was a sanctuary I could go to when I was dealing with crap around me. And then music started being attached to memories. To this day I can turn on an album and be transported to my time in Russia or the hot days in south africa. I love that.

But the reason I think it matters so much is that transports me to a place out of this world. When I’m listening to music or even better playing it, I find myself completely gone. I feel like I get to experience a type of euphoria that is specific to the fact that music is so important and special in my life. And every time I reach that euphoria, I am so amazed at what I feel.

Now for me it is music. I’m sure each of you have that thing that takes you out of your own life and transports you to a place that is the most peaceful and beautiful of all. I wrote this today because I want you to know that that place matters. That thing that transports you there matters. Never take it for granted. And pursue it as much as you can.

Music takes me away from bad times. It pushes my happy times to an all time high, it forces me to be better when I am exercising, or working. It reminds me when I am not being very nice or when I have made a great change in my life.

Whatever it is for you, cherish it because it matters and it is what allows you to navigate through this life without being burnt out in the process.


Teach Me To Love What You Hate

Love What You Hate

They say a writer hates to write but loves to have written. And oh how true that is. I’ve struggled for years to balance between that love and hate in the hopes that I could find a place in the middle where the hate didn’t over take the love. As anyone knows, when your pursuing a dream, it often comes with a ton of difficulty.

Some of it comes from learning the craft. It takes years to find the right way to write, play music, start a successful business, dance, paint and many other things. But that isn’t the only difficulty that you have to deal with. The hardest part that I have seen in pursuing a dream is being consistent. It’s showing up every day and practicing in order to get perfect at it.

That seems like it wouldn’t be that hard. Especially when you know that the end result will be success in whatever craft you are going after. Problem is, it just doesn’t work that way. Instead you spend endless days procrastinating and do just about anything you can except the one thing you need to do.

Im pretty sure almost all of you know how this feels. But what if you could learn to love the part of the journey that most of us hate. What if you could see that that nasty part of the journey is the exact thing that prepares you for success. People always want to get past the part they hate. But if they had the chance to just skip that part and get to the end, they would realize that they would not be prepared for what would come.

Even more then that, by sitting my butt on the chair everyday and writing (whether its crap or not) I learn the flow of writing and inspiration comes to me. Because all the crap the you have to do now in order to be successful, is the same crap that will help to sustain yourself in a long and consistent career instead of a one hit wonder.

So while you might hate the ins and outs of the journey, you would do best to learn to love it because those ins and outs are the very stepping blocks to your success. Love what you hate. Whose knows, you may even come to love it.

Teach Me Improvement

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Teach Me To See Things Through

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Teach Me Cloudy days

Cloudy Days

When I was middle school, I couldn’t wait for each weekend to come. I wasn’t the biggest believer in school. It felt like a prison when I could be out in the sunshine doing what I want to do and feeling free. I loved every saturday down here in california when the sun was out and air was warm and I could go accomplish something outside that made me feel free for that day.

Enter the cloudy days. I hated them. Because when they came, you automatically had a different mood. Instead of wanting to get out there and do something productive, you had this feeling of just staying inside. Usually cold air came with the clouds and in doing so, watching some tv, or playing inside just felt better.

It’s funny the way the weather can change your moods. These days I still love the sun and the way it makes me feel. And I still hate cloudy days and the fact that I feel lazy on them. But I do love rainy days, because I get this feeling of starting over on those days. Like things are being washed a way and soon the sun will come out and you will have a chance to go after whatever it is you want.

I was thinking about this because it relates a lot to life. The sunny days are the ones in which we do what we should. We go after our dreams and push ahead no matter what is in front of us. But as always, those cloudy days come. Problem is, sometimes we get stuck in those cloudy days. We wallow, and sit around because we just don’t feel like doing anything that day. The world seems small when the clouds cover the skies and we begin to wonder if want to so anything.

I’ve spent many years in those cloudy days and looking back, they killed so much of who I was. They made me think I shouldn’t do anything. They got me to just be lazy and selfish. They got me to do one thing I hate more then anything else: give up.

But beauty of the clouds is that they are temporary. You know at some point the sun will come out and it will shine down on you. And unlike the weather, you can bring the sun out anytime in your life. All you have to do is get off your butt and believe again. You just have to stop thinking and start doing. And in no time that sun will be high in sky lighting up your day and your life.

Teach Me Time Off

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Teach Me To Communicate

Teach Me To Communicate

Each day people come into contact with each other. When we do, we tend to communicate with each other. But it’s not always the typical way. We may communicate through body language, through metaphors, through riddles and any other way we can. But even when the simplest way to communicate is to just be open and honest, we tend to go the exact opposite.

I don’t know what it is about us, that makes us want to hide from real communication, but the hardest thing for people to do is just that. I’m not saying that every single person in the world has a problem actually saying what is they are thinking. But more and more, it has become hard to say what is we want to say.

I’m no stranger to this. Whether it is family or friends, I tend to hear people saying one thing, when they are actually saying something quite different. I tend to say one thing to someone  and they hear something else. And if it weren’t for the fact they we do eventually figure out what each other is ACTUALLY saying, we would walk around having the wrong impression of what people are trying to say and what they think of us.

I’m not sure if it’s all the technology that has separated us from each other or if we just have lost the ability to communicate honestly, but I find myself at a loss for words at the fact that I can’t seem to tell others what I am really thinking and instead talk in puzzles to them. Honestly, I don’t even mean to. I want to say exactly what I am thinking. But somehow it never comes out they way I want it.

Either way, I need to make a point to communicate in a way that allows people to truly understand me. On that same note, I hope that others can find a way to tell me whatever it is they need to say. And I hope that you can to. Be open about what your thinking. Speak with clarity and say what is on your mind. I don’t mean be rude or stick your nose in business that isn’t yours. I just mean, don’t hold on to things. If you do, they will slowly eat at you and in the end, they will come out anyways.