Teach Me Intention

There was a time in my life when alcohol was something I used to escape a life I didn’t really want to think about. It was well needed distraction at a period where not very much could keep me distracted. And my intention in all of it was something less then wholesome.

Because of that, I became very unhealthy and the people around me saw it. They knew the place I was in and that I was going downhill. They tried to help me, but in the end all they could do was wait until I was ready to come out of it.

Later on when I was back on track and in a healthy place, I had a drink. It had been a while since I had touched one and in the beginning I felt bad for dropping back into a routine that used to be horrible for me. But overtime, I noticed that things had changed. Now, when I drank, it was just to have a drink. Just to enjoy time with friends. Just to lay back. The unhealthiness of it all had vanished. I wasn’t trying to escape anymore.

I was thinking about this last week and It came to me. The big difference between the two different periods of my life was one thing: Intention.

I noticed it applied to everything in my life. Everything comes down intention. You can do one thing with bad intentions and ruin your life. You can also do the same thing with good intentions, and forever change your life for better. But either way, it came down to the intention you had going into it.

It has me examining my life and the things I do everyday. But more importantly, it has me examining my intention in all my actions. In doing so, I have noticed certain things where my intentions are downright bad. And in those instances, I see that I need to drop it. But I have also noticed that there are certain things that I might not be doing because I thought it wasn’t good for me, but I see now that at that time my intentions were bad. Now however, with better intentions, these things can be apart of my life and actually be positive.

Intention is everything. It makes or brakes something. What are your intentions?


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