Taking A Little Breather


When it comes to blogs, you write about what you know. About the things around you and what they mean to you and the life you are living. In the beginning when it is not something usual, you feel the need to get everything out that is on your mind. The things that have been teaching you to be different then you were yesterday.

But as time goes on and it becomes normal to record what is going on around you, you find yourself wanting to be quiet for a second. To listen to the new things that are coming in on the wind and the new people that have drifted into your life.

You find yourself tired of talking and only wanting to listen. It is then that you just have to take a step back and breathe a second.

Anyways. I’ll probably start back up next week. But for right now: I’m just gonna listen. Just gonna read what you are saying.

Send me a link to your blog if you want.



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