Teach Me Sports

Teach Me Sports

For the majority of my childhood, my parents made me play soccer. This meant two practices throughout the week and a game on the weekend. There were many times that I hated having to go to practice  because I wold rather being hangout out at home watching something or playing with a friend. But when game time came, it always seemed worth it.

That only became more true in high school when I played football. Except this time it was practice everyday after school and game on fridays or saturdays. The practice always killed me. Every day I wanted to create some kind of excuse for why I couldn’t practice that day. But again, when game day came, the rush of it all seemed to make it all worth it. That is, till monday came again and you were back at practice.

But as I look back on it, I realize how much more playing sports offered me on top of exercise and a chance to shine on game day. First it offered me community and a sense of loyalty. I remember how close I was with everybody on the team. This was especially great my freshman year. At that time, I only knew the dudes in my own class, but with the help of football, I was able to become good friends with seniors and they helped to make my time in school so much better.

On top of that, sports taught me to always push harder and be better. To know that the mind gives up before the body does. That body can’t last much longer then you think. It taught me perseverance, courage, confidence and so much more. It taught me to never give up even when everything inside of me is telling me too.

And because of that, even though I’m not that big into sports, I will always cherish what they did for me growing up and how they have helped to mold me into a half way decent human today.

Even better I am now able to get a lot of that in the band I play. But it shows just how important community is to our survival and how having other people around you can push you to all new heights and achieving things you would of never thought possible on  your own.


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