Teach Me Self Control

Teach Me self-controlSelf control has always been a hard thing for me. In this world of instant gratification and constant consuming it’s hard to be good at it. But over the last six months I have realized just how selfish it is to always consume and never put anything out into the world yourself. So I made a conscious effort to create as well as consume and on top of that I restricted how much I consumed.

But everyday, my mind fights against it. It wants to consume everything it can. As if I deserve it. As if all that matters in the world is what I get. So I have to fight it. For a while I was very strict about it. But I also realized what happens when you never take a break and allow yourself to have something that you have restricted for a while. It helps to take days off every now and then and indulge yourself in the things that raise your spirits.

This can become especially important when your going after your dreams. Going after them can be a tiring affair and it’s never really over. There are a lot of sleepless nights, tired days and off days where you feel like just giving up. It’s no easy game to be apart of and that is why you have to play it the best you can.

This is where a new sort of self control comes in. Not one to abstain from all the things you love, but rather, allow the things you love in small doses that can help you to push through those off days where all you can do is just sit there and wonder why you are doing what you are doing in the first place.

This seems to be the hardest type of self control because your allowing a little in and then saying you can’t have any again till the next off day. It means being able to get back into the thick of things after just having a great day where nothing mattered. You obviously love that day, but then tomorrow comes and it’s time to get back to work.

Self control is one of the hardest things to possess and I’m still learning how to do it well. I hope you guys are learning as well. It seems to be one of the biggest keys to success in this life.


6 thoughts on “Teach Me Self Control

  1. Hi Zack. Self control, something I learned about when I quit smoking 16 months ago. I thought that whole 40 yrs of smoking I was in control little did i know, them sickorettes were controling me that whole time,But,with my self control came changes 🙂 Iam now a non smoker with stage 4 copd w/end emphysema. Im trying to spread awareness and your self control caught my eye & I like your post. Have a good weekend.Joanne.

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