Teach Me Not To Be Selfish

SelfishnessI am a selfish being. It’s in my nature. I look out for myself in most things and often only help others when it is convenient. I don’t know why we were programmed that way. Some one would say it only happened when society became apart of the equation. But really its just apart of the idea the the most fit survive.

Problem is. We are no longer in the woods. We’re not bound to the hunter gather way of life and actually have time to do other things then just work. Yet we spend most of that extra time on ourselves because we think we deserve it.

You know what I have learned over the last year. That as a selfish human I don’t really deserve much. And to think I do is just the cherry on top of my selfish ice cream sunday. It has taken a while to learn this idea.

You know when things really started to feel good for me. When I stopped consuming all the time and started creating. When I stopped only going after what I wanted and started to see what others wanted, I found a myself a little more fulfilled.

Its an interesting thing, when you stop for a moment and look around at what others are doing. When you seek out others and try to give them a hand even when it doesn’t seem that easy to do so at the time. When you take interest in another person’s life, you go beyond yourself and a new sense of pride falls over you that was never possible when all you were doing was thinking of yourself.

Let’s take this idea a little further. Many people find careers they think they love because it serves them completely in the way they need it to. It’s a purely selfish thing and in the end those people still feel empty. And that emptiness, it seems, is bottomless. But when your career offers something to more then just you, you start to find joy in others success as well as your own. That doesn’t mean you have to go join the peace corps or anything. It just means that whatever your good at, use it for more then just yourself.

It seems easy. But it turns out to be one of the hardest things that we can challenge ourselves to do. But if we can do it. That EMPTINESS, well it gets just a little bit smaller…


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